Friday, 24 July 2009

Tuesday, 21st July, 2009

AREEEAAAAAAA! today was HOT! like fire with Versus Tuesday where we started by raising the heat level in the studio with a showdown between D’Banj, MI and Terry da rapman, all singing one form of “I’m hot” or the other. I know it’s been said like a zillion times already, but lemme just make it a zillion + 1, MI is HOT!!!! I mean the guy is so goooood. We also had Danny Young vs. Illbliss singing side of your mouth, Wale vs Wale Thompson, Akon with “Rush” vs. Dante with “Rush Rush” and lots more.

Area O singing joint has been moved to Friday, while we now have townhall area on Tuesdays. On townhall today, we had callers from Egbeda, Isheri, Sagamu, Ikorodu, third mainland bridge, Ibafo, Ketu, Sango-ota, Mile 2 and many other places, we had quite a number of people calling in on their way to work; some people from areas like abule-egba, agege, ilupeju and bariga said it was raining in their areas. Omowunmi sent in a message all the way from NYSC camp in Maiduguri, to say she misses AREEEAAAAA! Awwwww... Practically everybody complained about PHCN, but some cases were pretty pathetic, like Ibafo and Iju, a caller from Ibafo said they haven’t had light for the past 200 years! I’m sure he was just exaggerating sha but it seems they really haven’t had electricity for months! Mehn... In all things give thanks, I thank God for our 3 hours per 2 days light o , a caller from Iju said they had not had electricity in 3 months!, and every single person that made a complaint mentioned the bad roads, I mean everybody! Anyway, on a lighter note, a listener sent in a text saying that the traffic on Ikorodu road was “an imbecile”,lol, maybe his fingers slipped on the keypad, abi?

Public forum today was a continuation of last week’s discussion on the security issue, but today we were looking at it with specific reference to transport. Lots of people called in with comments and recommendations but atypically, considering how it usually is when we discuss security issues in Nigeria, nobody called in with a personal experience. A caller suggested regular patrols by the police like they do abroad, but I wonder how that can work with our bad roads and traffic holdups, another caller thought about this (I guess) and said that the bad roads should be repaired. Someone else suggested equipping retired people with handcuffs and some other things excluding ammunition, so that they might still be useful to the society even after retirement, all in all it was a very constructive session.

Top 9 moments with Aramyde
• Fans who bought MJ’s London tour concert tickets may not be at a complete loss, seems they might be given a chance to see the rehearsal footage. The rehearsal footage is pretty hot right now with Paramount, Universal, 20th Century Fox and Sony bidding for it. Sony is said to be willing to pay up to a whopping 50 million dollars.
• MJ’s dad seems to be following in his daughters footsteps, quite ironically. He says that foul play is involved in MJ’s death and that the doctor should be investigated.
• Finally! Chris brown has publicly apologized to Rihanna over his alleged abuse, he says he would have done this a long time ago, but he was advised against it by his lawyers.
• The doctor who tried to revive Jimi Hendrix the day he died has said that it is plausible that he was murdered because of the volume of wine in his hair, lungs and on his shirt, after a man working for the band when Jimi was alive alleged that the gang broke into his hotel room, forced sleeping pills down his throat and forced wine on him.
• In Germany, a 46-year old man was nabbed with over a thousand pairs of underwear. He was caught while trying to steal three more pairs. If he was caught in Nigeri, he might have been lynched for being a “ritualist”. I think he needs to spend some quality time in Aro .
• In a new research carried out on fruitflies and rats, it has been discovered that eating less extends but lowers your immunity.
• Sir Alex Ferguson is supporting Wayne Rooney despite his reaction to an opponent during a recent math where he swiped at him. Fergie says he reacted because the guy hit him on his stitched (and I guess sore) head
• “Correction does much, but encouragement does more”

Yeye Durojaye Arogundade was the guest in the entrepreneurial section today. Yeye is a single mother of one who used to work in broadcasting before leaving to start her own business, she is presently involved in retailing but used to work in graphics. She advises upcoming entrepreneurs to “be yourself, find your own place, don’t fit into the mould that other people have built for you”. She also says “hang in there, it’s going to be rough and it will get rougher, it doesn’t get easier so quick. Just deal with it don’t let external things get to you” .

Stock market report
Top 5 gainers
WAPCO, UACN, Dangote Sugar, PZ, Nigeria breweries
Top 5 losersAP
OANDO, Benue Cement Company, Guiness, Flour mill,

The Weather Report
There will be rain and scattered thunderstorms in some parts of Lagos. The sun rose at 6:39am this morning and will set at 7:06pm. Maximum temperature is 31 degree Celsius while minimum temperature is 22 degree Celsius.

The How to show with chucky today was as wacky as always with “How to make your friends want to jump off the third mainland bridge". She gave us the following tips
• Every conversation must be about you, on no account should you give them the chance to be heard except when you pause to ask what they think about your own issues. And if they mistakenly try to talk about themselves during that pause, laugh as hard as you can.
• Make sure you top everything they tell you with a greater experience of your own just to show that you have it better
• Let every word that comes out of your mouth be a complaint about anything from the weather to the size of their head
• Always borrow stuff from them and never return it.And lots more...

See you tomorrow.Ciao

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