Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A celebrity Ashionye Wednesday!

The program kicked off at 6:00am {as usual} with loads of Naija music, right before Area Mama herself stepped in to set the ball rolling. Lots of calls came in, with people from different parts of the city stating how the traffic was in their different geographic locations. Calls and sms from Agege, Ago-Iwoye, Ikorodu, Ejigbo, Agbado and Abule-Egba indicated that the traffic in those areas were bumper to bumper. The traffic in places like Ikeja, Sagamu, Berger, Alagbole and Ogba was reported to have been free around that time.
At exactly 8:0am, there was a chance to win 4 tickets to the gala night of MTN Project Fame show coming up later this year. The opening gala night is to allow the 18 selected contestants perform and reveal 15 contestants with lovely voices and eliminate the other 3. The price for the tickets was naming the 3 runner-ups and the winner of last year’s edition of the show. Trust Nigerians- 5 minutes later, there were 4 winners who had sent in the answers in time.
Next, it was time for the divas on Venus Shell. Up for discussion today were the plenty things ladies like to indulge in that are not very popular with the gender. Alongside this were the other things ladies should be gladly into but aren’t the least bit interested in. Several calls and texts came in with stunning revelations into the hideous things ladies indulge in. Some ladies confess to having distaste for washing plates and clothes.. Some don’t like to cook. Yet, another set of ladies confessed that they would rather ride motor bikes, drive big trucks, watch/play football and even climb, rather than do other girly stuff. Queer, isn’t it?
Aramide came in during the Top 9 Moment with news on the swap in place of the Minister of Defence and the Minister of Interior. More news came in about Micheal Jacksons final resting place- the lie told by Latoya, his sister about him having been murdered; Charles Taylor’s defence against all the counts against him.
Since it is celebrity Wednesday, there had to be a celebrity. The celeb for today was no other person than the multi-talented Ashionye- the singer, dancer, designer and actress. The amiable Ashionye Michelle stepped into the studio stepped into the studio and did nothing to disappoint her numerous fans. She disclosed that latest album is simply the bomb! She also disclosed that has 2 movies on the way. To cap it all, she declared her strong believe in Nigerian women, especially those in the Entertainment industry.
At about 10:55, Tosyn signed out with one of Ashionye’s tracks while Ashionye was giggling at the background.


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