Thursday, 30 July 2009

CELEBRITY Wednesday with Lara George

AREAAAAA! today saw us receiving calls and texts from ketu, ikorodu, gbagada, akute, ogba, agege, Lagos island, surulere, palmgrove, ojodu, falomo, ikeja, oshodi and a number of other places, with people making their wives, fathers, brothers, siblings, (a lot of) girlfriends and mothers their celebrities. Someone even made Gov. Fashola a celebrity, while someone else picked Tosyn and another person picked his gas station attendant.

We had a foursome in the house today; four members of the project fame academy that are presently on probation, Mike, David, Jennifer and Tari. They spoke about the academy, what they had gained and what they and what they think they did wrong to warrant being on probation. Mike, who performed Craig David’s “Walking Away” said he performed, he didn’t sing that he needs to learn to sing and merge them together, or something like that, I really didn’t understand the point he was trying to make cos I didn’t get how you could perform and not sing, you know, or is it just me? Anyways, David said when he got into the house; he discovered that you can be able to sing without knowing music, Tari, who performed Beyoncé’s “if I were a boy” said she knew that she overdid it, I like that, this girl is definitely not in denial, she said because she was nervous, she was really trying to act like a boy, but the song was supposed to be nostalgic and Jennifer, who performed a song that needed a lot of oomph(I didn’t get the title), when asked where she kept the energy said that at the beginning of the song, she was nervous but towards the middle and the end, she enjoyed herself, I’m just wondering, “girl, is it enjoying yourself that guarantees you a place in the academy?, in lara-speak, does enjoying yourself get your CD in the market? just a word of advice, maybe next time, try to focus more on the audience and judges enjoying you”. Listeners called in to speak with them and also sent in texts, on the whole, they got much love, much love! Thanks guys.

We also had Lara George in the studio, if you see her picture and here her voice, and in your mind, you’re thinking, this lady must be so docile, so placid, so gentle, pleeeeeasee, allow me to disenchant you; Omolara George was able to hold her own with Tosyn, and trust me that is not a very easy feat, she is really funny and laughs a lot and she does a pretty good “Jenifa” impersonation. Generally, I loved her spirit. She talked about her new album, on which she has a track featuring Lord of Ajasa of the “le fenu so” fame, titled “Run with You”; she said the title came about because of her walk or rather “run” with God. She also says the video for that particular track has been shot and will be out next week. She also did us the honours of reading the weather report and she did a great job. She was quite a while in the studio, about an hour, which gave ample time to receive lots of calls and texts and she left some minutes to the end of the show. Thanks Lara.

Lara also left us with a Yoruba proverb “bó șe ń șe onídìrí k ló șe ń șe onígbàjám” which means, according to Lara, “as its doing me is not how its doing you”.

Top 5 most active traded stock
First Inland Bank, Zenith Bank, First Bank, CHAMS, Unity Bank

THE WEATHER REPORT (as read by Lara George)
Wet conditions in the morning will give way to a partly cloudy day with scattered thunderstorms in parts of Lagos. Maximum temperature is 31 degrees Celsius, minimum temperature and overnight low is 23 degree Celsius. The sun rose at 6:40 am and will set at 7:05pm.

Thanks to all Top of the Morning show listeners and all AREA! fans, we appreciate you and we do not take you for granted

See you tomorrow


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