Thursday, 2 July 2009

TOP..."...she is Miriah Carey, She is a vegetarian"

Today as is usual is Reflective Thursday...AREA!!! yes,how are you doing? We had so much fun on the school shout out today. In spite of the fact that a lot of people hate school they still love their school, even if it was in ...

Today, the wet and misty morning will give way to a warmer day; the maximum temperature will be 31 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature and overnight low will be 22 degree Celsius. The sun rose at 6:35am and will set at 7:05pm.

Excerpts of TOP 9 MOMENTS...
Speculations arising from the costume Miriah Carey wore for her new single, obsessed has caused Nick Cannon; Carey’s husband to reply that it was not a beef with Eminem. He said, “She is Mariah Carey, my wife is not beefing, she is a vegetarian”. Lot of people wonder why Cannon is having so much to say…its his territory i guess he has to tend it.

Rumors that R.Kelly’s house was searched by the police looking for a 17year old girl have been quashed by the singer’s publicist. Kelly was on tour in Africa when the incident was rumored to have taken place. Once a thief, always a suspect? Enh?

A 53year old man stole a watch under the eyes of the police in a court where he was being arraigned for cocaine possession. The theft was discovered when the owner was about to exit the court room and on pouring out his bag for security check at the door discovered that his 1000 dollar watch was missing, it was found using footage from the surveillance cameras.

A research in the US of A has revealed that lack of sleep (less than eight hours per day) raises a woman's risk of heart disease more than a man.

A 12foot python being kept as a pet has broken out of its aquarium and strangled a 2year old baby. This happened in Florida; the python though injured from stab wounds inflicted by the owner is still said to be at large.

Real Madrid has taken another prospect off the reach of MAN U with the signing of Karim Benzema from Lyon for 32million pounds. This has got to be below the belt now...

A 50 year old man disrobed and refused to get his clothes back on on a flight despite the pleas of flight attendants. law enforcement on the flight had to subdue and restrain him before an emergency landing was done to get him off the plane.

On PROVERBS LANE, it has to be said in a language other than English then translated by you-the caller; as usual we had a lot of funny wisdom coming off the callers but my picks from today's rich repertoire are:

"mistakes are like a hill, you climb your own to see other people's own"

"if you look down properly, you can see the tip of your nose"

"any woman that wants to deliver by September, should have been pregnant by January "

The crowning glory of every reflective Thursday is SING YOUR STORY where we take a chill pill and share intricate personal details with the world and try to get as much strength as possible from the experience of singing it.

Join us tomorrow for the weekend preview...hope you have had a blast this week? Let us know your thoughts right here.


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