Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Monday, 27th July, 2009

TODAAAY in the AREAAAAA! studio was “Vervacious” as per Energetic Monday now! As usual listeners could barely wait for the phones to be turned on before they started calling and texting from every nook and cranny of Lagos and Ogun states, there were callers and texters from ketu, Abule-Egba, Ikotun, Ilisan-remo, Fagba, Ogba and quite a number of people from Ikorodu. A “peculiar” texter from Abule-egba described the weather in his area as (Quote)“...remarkable, reliable, unbeatable, palatable...” (Unquote), hmmh, this bros is doing show-off for us with his dexterity in words abi?

On BACK TO THE FUTURE, listeners had to call in, pretend they were talking to their grandchildren and try to explain some integral parts of our childhood that are now extinct to them. Callers came up with the following; the ice water tutu ree phenomenon (I don’t think that is extinct sha, there are still quite a number of “ice water tutu” hawkers in some areas), the fact that if a thief is caught/seen, theres no hope for him because the moment somebody shouts “ole,ole” the whole street takes up the cry until the thief is caught, and more often than not, lynched, (I can just imagine my grandchild saying “Grandma, were you savages then?” and of course I’ll say, “I wasn’t, some were”...by the way I don’t approve of lynching, I think its very vulgar and barbaric), a listener remembered the “bolekaja”(get-down-lets-fight) buses plying (in this case) the Abeokuta-Lagos route and lots more

• In Katsina, an inspector has been demoted to sergeant while a corporal has been dismissed for allegedly extorting N 300,000 from a student. (Really? In Nigeria? Thank God o)
• MJ: 5.5 million dollars was recovered from one of MJ’s former financial advisers by the managers of his estate and they also said his estate is solvent o, MJ is, or rather was not broke. They are also requesting for permission from the court to give his mum and children some sort of upkeep.
• Facebook: Bill Gates has reportedly gotten over 10,000 friend requests, “so therefore”, he’s off facebook, I guess he was scared. Someone say cyberstal... okay I didn’t really mean that, it was a slip of keys.
• A video on YouTube showing a couple who danced to Chris Brown’s (that guy!) “Forever” at their wedding before taking their wedding vows has scored a record 1.4 million hits! In Tosyns words “Are we that jobless?!” I didn’t say it o, Tosyn did.
• North Korea/USA war of words; Hilary Clinton said the North Koreans are like little children and unruly teenagers who are seeking and demanding attention and the North Koreans replied that Hilary looks like a primary school girl or a pensioner going shopping. LWKM abeg, is it that this people don’t have anything more important to do other than yabbing each other, you know, something really important like AN ECONOM IC RECESSION!! Puhleeze...
• Mourinho declares that he is satisfied with the balance of his squad. Talking about the Ibrahamovic/Eto’o swap says “only a stupid coach will be happy to lose Ibrahamovic but only a stupid coach will not be happy to have Eto’o”. Chikena
• “treat people as if they were what they ought to be and help them to become what they are capable of being”

Top Five Gainers
OANDO, African Petroleum, Nigerian Breweries, Guinness, Benue Cement Company
Top Five Losers
7UP, MOBIL, Nestle, Portland Paints, UPL

An overcast and cold morning will lead to a mostly cloudy day with scattered thunderstorms in parts of Lagos. Maximum temperature for the day is 29 degree Celsius and minimum temperature and overnight low is 23 degree Celsius. The sun rose at 6:40 am and will set at 7:05 pm.

Then Tosyn rounded off with a question from the 1st CORA Hip-hop conference that took place on Sunday, it’s actually been a very big issue lately, the question was “Who decides the quality of music? Musicians, Media, Producers, Consumers, etc? Some people said producers, some said musicians, some others said the consumers, while some other people said nobody is to blame, all in all, nobody “won” everybody had different opinions.

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow


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