Monday, 3 August 2009

Energetic monday

After every eventful weekend, there’s just one way to start the week on Top Radio. It is another Energetic Monday on Top Radio with Area Mama herself. This morning, apart from getting traffic updates and weather reports, the aim was to formulate new words that will enter the ‘Area Dictionary’. Trust ‘Area People’ now, they all came up with different words, some of which couldn’t even be spelt. We heard words like: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from the Area Mama herself; jigijibambam; pasalakulala; zanga; efizi, acrobaesthetic; oolalacious; gatherlization... among others. You sure can’t do better, can you?
For the traffic reports, people plying routes such as: Bariga, Third Mainland Bridge, Isolo, Dopemu, Lagos-Ibadan expressway, Ishasi, Berger, Ogba, Barracks, Mosalai, Agiliti, and Iyana-Ipaja had it rough this morning. While Ikeja, Sholuyi, Gbagada and Gbagada were quite free this morning. The weather was cool and a bit breezy in several areas.
In the Yarn-Free Zone today, Daughtery treated us to some of his inspiring songs. On Memory Lane today, we drove down car history. This means that Sweet 16 made us talk about the cars that have ever existed in our lives at one point or the other. We were to talk about all the beautiful experiences and the not-so –beautiful ones we’ve had with the cars we owned or otherwise. Several people called in to share both their wonderful and dreadful experiences. There was also an opportunity for people to comment about Memory Lane. They were to state whether or not they like it and whatever else can be done to make it better. This can be done by joining the Facebook page and making a comment.
On Top 9 Moments, Aramide told us about a Nigerian military official who said that about 700 ppeople were killed in Maiduguri during the recent fighting between police and a radical Islamic sect. There was also something on the entertainment scene about Mariah Carey and Eminem. There’s an on-going feud between the people and this week, the latter released a track titled ‘The Warning’, which is believed to be directed at Mariah and her husband. There is a powerful new type of Internet attack that works like a telephone tap, except that it operates between computers and Websites they trust. Michael Phelps has become the first swimmer to break 50 seconds in the 100-metre butterfly.
After the Top 9 Moments, we had the weekend review from several people and Tosyn signed out at a few minutes to 11.
Ruthina Atinuke.

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