Thursday, 27 August 2009


On the Top of the Morning show today Thursday, 27th August, 2009, things were really unpredictable as we started off with the AREA! show, where the only thing that gets you on the show is shouting AREA! and Tosyn, in true random Thursday style, asked callers to mention the people they can see in their neighbourhood; you might recall that we started “randomizing” our Thursdays a few weeks ago where we started with “read something jo!” and then we were talking about fears last week; we had pap sellers, breadsellers, agberos, and even the milk van and newspaper boy inside Bayo’s dreams from the United Streets of Amukoko (USA).lol. On PROVERBS LANE, where we usually have proverbs in any language other than English and then translate them into English, we had proverbs from isokoland, yorubaland, iboland, etc someone even gave us one proverb in English, Yoruba and Ibo. We then went ONLINE REALTIME where listeners sent in texts to let us know what they were doing online right then, many people were either facebooking, twitting or doing both, a lady was applying for jobs over the internet and I think she dropped some information for other job seekers on our facebook page, people were on eBay, YouTube, Yahoo!, someone was saying that she hadn’t gotten a reply to the email she sent to Tola Sunmonu of Harambee Nigeria.

Please note that the Harambee 2.0 annual conference takes place tomorrow, 28th, August at Shell hall, MUSON centre, Onikan by 8am, the theme of the conference is “Planting Seeds of Tomorrow” and Admission is Free. MI is expected to be there and lunch is served. To make reservations and for more details, check out ,send a mail to or search for their facebook group. You can also send a text to 08071949742.

Top 5 gainers
NBC, Total, Benue Cement Company, WAPCO, Flourmill
Top 5 losers
7up, Guinness, Nestle, Julius Berger

The sun rose at 6:40 am and is expected to set at 6:56pm. Expect early morning light, cold conditions continue, so do stay warm until about midday when it gets warmer. The maximum temperature for today is 31 degrees Celsius and minimum temperature and overnight low is 22 degrees Celsius.

• The NYSC director-general has directed all zonal offices across Nigeria not to post corps members to troubled areas, in compliance with President Yar'adua’s directive
• President Barrack Obama has said that he is heartbroken at Senator Ted Kennedy, JFK’s brother’s death. He died at the age of 87 on Tuesday, 25th august after fighting brain cancer for about a year.
• A cabdriver in New Jersey got more than he bargained for recently when he picked a bank robber unknowingly, the passenger had told him to wait while he takes out some money at the bank, the driver not knowing he was going to rob, waited. The police stopped them a couple of blocks later and arrested the passenger. This economic depression sef, desperate times...
• In their latest attempt to reduce cost and generate funds, the State of California has resorted to selling thousands of surplus items on eBay and in a warehouse auction.
• A federal appeal court in the United States has overturned a ruling that granted the copyrights of the software, UNIX to Novell.
• Some suspected drug barons have abandoned about of 3.265kg of heroin worth over 25 million naira. The heroin was stored in some charger heads imported from India.
• Good News!!! Christ embassy’s devotional, “Rhapsody of realities” is going to be free from September, about 10 million copies will be distributed nationwide.
• “we can’t all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb as they pass by”

On SING A STORY, our “randomizing” continued because everybody had a different story to sing, no two stories were the same; while someone sang “Glory, glory Lord...” someone else sang “Aye pogan...”, there was quite an amount of appreciation to God sha, from “wellu wellu” to “boundless love” to “sope tie” to “glory glory”, and as always, we had “loooots of love”, the most touching story today though, which actually brought tears to my eyes was the story of the man who lost his wife in childbirth over a year ago, though the child lived, and somehow, he was still able to find the strength to sing Sammie Okposo’s “wellu wellu”, we should all take a cue from him, he’s a man who views his cup as half-full rather than half-empty. We pray for more strength for him(it can never be too much now) and we also pray for the lady who lost her mother recently, we ask for strength and comfort for you.

That’s all for today. Till tomorrow. Stay blessed


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