Thursday, 20 August 2009


Today, Thursday, 20th August, 2009 was as random as Thursdays go on the AREA! show with Area mama, sweet seventeen, and 009 “themselves” anchoring the show with the assistance, of course, of the ever-present, ever-ready, ever-clapping, ever-eating VIP kids. Today on the show, listeners were asked to tell us their greatest fear in the world along with the traffic and weather updates, we had some very weird answers like “Women”, I mean how can women be your greatest fear in the whole wide world... in fact let me keep quiet now before I vex too much, some gave some inspirational answers like, “the fear of failure” and “fear of the unknown” and the “fear of not making it to heaven”... they make you think about your life abi? and some were just humorous like,” the fear of gutters”.lol

Proverbs are a very important part of our ethnic makeup in Africa, a proverb in Yoruba translates as “proverbs are the horses on which words ride”, while one in ibo says “proverbs are the palm-oil with which words are eaten”, I’m sure there are more variants of this proverb and if you know one, please feel free to add. On PROVERBS LANE, we had Benin, Idoma (almost), Ibo and a lot of Yoruba proverbs, I’ll just give some literal translations; an Ibo proverb translates thus, “there’s nothing the eyes will see that it will bring out blood, it’s still water that will come out”, a Yoruba proverb, “ the fowl that defecated and did not urinate, it’s inside it’s body” (lol.what does this proverb mean anyway), and one of the proverbs that Tuface, who hails from Benue state gave us yesterday means, literally “somebody that is taking a big ball of pounded yam, that is now using it to carry a bigger ball of egusi, he’s piling trouble on top of trouble” (whew, I’m sure the original proverb is much shorter). SING A STORY was as versatile as ever with callers singing about every possible thing, lots of love of course, hurts and many many more, we then went ONLINE REALTIME, where we were able to keep in touch with our facebook and twitter people and also know those keeping in touch with us.

• A Japanese horror DVD has been banned in Britain because of the extreme nature of its contents. It is reported to contain such an excessive amount of sadism, evisceration and the likes, that it could not even be edited.
• A gender test will be carried out on a female athlete who improved her personal best drastically in the 800m and 1500m races.
• Microsoft is asking a US circuit judge for permission to keep on selling Microsoft Office Word after a Texas court ruled that they are infringing on a patent held by another company.
• The IAAF has announced that there are no positive doping cases in the men’s 100m of the world championships.
• Two playwrights, Kodjo Mouabe from Ghana and Erin Brown from the USA, have been awarded top prizes in BBC world service and British Council international radio and playwrighting competition
• A very dumb burglar in Toronto has been arrested after leaving his wallet at the scene of his crime
• A 15-year old girl prevented a tragedy when she jumped into the drivers seat of the bus in which she was returning from day camp and pulled the emergency brakes after the driver died suddenly of a heart attack.
• “when our hope, faith and belief transcends into clear knowingness, we are then truly aware to express all that beingness can offer”

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