Monday, 17 August 2009


Monday, 17th August, 2009

Today was the first AREA! show after Area Mama, Sweet sixteen, Agent 009, CON.tra.dic.tion, SPEECHgirl and Tosyn Bucknor’s birthday, you know they’re, humh...... “sixtuplets”, born on the same day, by the same mother at the same time (don’t ask me how that happened). Wishing them all a wonderful year ahead, filled with the best of all that life has got to offer.
AREA was really energetic, with Nigerians in true "Nigerian style" all wanting to know how Tosyn spent her birthday and weekend, and Tosyn in true "Tosyn style" somehow sidestepped it until she discovered she couldn't avoid it when everyone kept asking, I'm sure many of you saw her on TV on Sunday. Today was also the day to create new words, we had words like edoyakly,inkokonistaklic, metabulocious, otapiapianomatopia and many others that i am sure if i type, my keyboard will just

• CBN governor, Sanusi Lamido, listed poor corporate governance practice, lax administration processes and the absence or non-adherence to the banks credit risk management practices as reasons for sacking five Bank MD’s last Thursday, namely, Intercontinental, Afribank, Union Bank, Oceanic Bank and Fin bank.
• Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie has been kidnapped in Anambra state. Na wa o, shey na like dis we go dey dey...
• Researchers in Canada have discovered that marijuana causes significantly more damage to cells than tobacco smoke, contrary to previous belief. Which previous belief? haven’t we known ever since we were small that “igbó” is more dangerous than “sìgá”
• The two men who carried out “Britain’s biggest jewel heist” involving 40 million pounds and 43 items, despite being caught on camera, are yet to be found. A reward of a million pounds will be paid for information leading to their arrest. Shan’t I like to know where they are now?
• Since MJ’s death, his estate has made over 60 million pounds, just in 50 days o. When you’re big...even in death, this guy is still making money, not that it will do him any good where he is though
• Usain Bolt has set a new 100m world record of 9.58 seconds in Berlin.
• “Those who are lifting the world upwards and onwards are those who encourage more than criticize” Elizabeth Harrison

Going down MEMORY LANE yoday, we talked about matters of the heart, remembering the first time we first fell in love, you know,your first crush, whatever. We had so many hilarious stories here, reminding me of a song; things we do for loooove... I remember my first crush, it was in JS 3....ok that's

Top five most actively traded stock
UBA, Access bank, Oceanic Bank, Fidelity Bank, Skye bank
The sun rose today at 6:05am and is expected to set at 7pm. Early morning cold conditions and wind-chill continue, so remember to stay warm. Maximum temperature is 29 degree Celsius and minimum temperature and overnight low is 22 degree Celsius.

Today was 2-for-1 Monday, so we had two songs each from etcetera, Rooftop MC's, Eben and many others. We also had the Top Question for today, which was "Would you ever, should you ever go for an ex's wedding", so many people said yes they would, but methinks it depends on the breakup, was it messy, was it clean, free of animosity, then fine, but if there is still serious beef or serious feelings, why torture yourself unnecessary.

That's all for today

Till tomorrow. Have a wonderful week


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