Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Tuesday, 18th August, 2009

It was bragging time on the AREA! show with Agent 009, sweet seventeen and AREA! mama today, Tuesday, the 18th of August, 2009 as all listeners were “licensed to brag” by agent 009 herself. The whole idea sha is that, since we have been complaining siiiiiiince, on Tuesdays, and many of us still don’t have solutions to these “challenges”, why don’t we, for a change, concentrate on the positive things, rather than the negative, and who knows, the law of attraction might actually come to pass, so today, being puffed-up was not a bad thing on the AREA! show, on the contrary, it was highly desirable. It took our listeners a while to get the hang of it though, but after a while, it was a pretty smooth ride, we had callers from Iju mentioning the good roads in their area, from Ikenne, good roads and regular electricity, from mende, peaceful and friendly environment and lots more. Made me see that Nigerians can complain o, but we still know how to “give thanks in all things”.

Today was VERSUS TUESDAY and we kicked off with the Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon vs. Eminem face-off where Tosyn played Mariah’s “obsessed” and then Eminems response (jeez, he didn’t mince words in that track at all, did he?) and today was also Come-share-with-me Tuesday, and we had the Versus special, it was a battle of the....lands? anyway it was mainland vs. Island, and the winner is............Mainland!!! The reasons given by the callers and texters for choosing the mainland are, the fact that cost of living on the mainland is lower than on the island, someone said that the mainland is above sea level while the Island is below sea level, so the mainland is safer:), a texter said that the drainage system on the Island is really bad, so the Island is always smelling (everywhere on the island?!lol) and that electricity is really poor on the Island (that’s a very general problem now o), in favour of the island, someone said that the nightlife is better than the mainland and another caller said that there are open spaces for recreation on the island.

• A man, Adegboye Adeniran, who has practiced law in Ibadan for decades has been sentenced to two years in jail for practicing without a licence
• Former Zambian president, Frederick Chiluba, has been acquitted of charges of stealing about 5000 dollars from the state because, according to the magistrate, the prosecution has failed to prove its case.
• J-lo, talking about her marriage to marc Anthony says “I’m still figuring it out as I go along, how do two totally different people come together and make one life and say they’ll do it forever, this is my third time of trying it and I don’t even think I tried it in my other marriages which were immature...relationships take work...”. true talk
• South African energy minister has said that the risk of power cut during the 2010 World Cup has been averted because the global economic crisis has reduced South Africa’s consumption. Good news as a result of bad
• The IAAF is carrying out its most comprehensive testing program till date involving about 1000 samples, to be carried out during the championships rounding off on Sunday.
• In Zimbabwe, commuters pay about 3 trillion Zimbabwean dollars as bus fare! I’m sure they don’t, or rather can’t use wallets in Zimbabwe, it’s sacks they’ll be using as wallet.lol
• A DJ in Israel has been beaten up for playing western music, which some guests believed encourages lewd behaviour in women
• “the greatest motivational act one person can do for another is listen” Roy Moody

The sun rose at 6:40 am and is expected to set at 7pm. Expect early morning light drizzle, wind-chill and cold conditions continue, so do stay warm until 3pm when it gets warmer. The maximum temperature for today is 30 degree Celsius and minimum temperature and overnight low is 22 degree Celsius.

Top 5 gainers
Nigerian Breweries, Starcomms, Sterling bank, Standard Insurance, Capital Hotels
Top 5 losers
Nestle, OANDO, CONOIL, Benue Cement Company, UACN

On the HOW TO SHOW, we were taught “how to look ten times older than your real age”, our very cranky teacher, who must have been almost a hundred years old, assisted by some of the VIP kids, did a very good job and gave us the following “helpful” tips
• Keep away from any form of entertainment like parties
• Frown all the time, never smile
• Stress yourself and make friends with old folks
• Make sure you’re always busy and worry about everything
• Rub bleaching cream and go out under the sun to roast
• Make everybody’s worries yours
• Avoid drinking water
• Take your bath only once a week
• Wear oversized clothes
• Drag your feet and slouch when walking
• Never have anything to do with current fashion trends
And lots more...

That’s all for today. Till tomorrow


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