Friday, 7 August 2009


Friday, 7th August, 2009

AREAAAAA! Fellow Nigerians, una well done o! You people showed that Nigerians are very smart and resourceful today, because with the songs, texts and SHOUTOUTS our callers came up with, I was greatly impressed, from all possible genres, from reggae to rap, una try abeg. The VIP kids didn’t stop clapping throughout today, I’m sure their hands are really aching.

Many mothers’ ears must be ringing now, because so many people made SHOUT-OUTS to their mothers, Bukola from Surulere, made a SHOUT-OUT to her Grandfather to wish him happy birthday, I wonder how old he is, made me wish I still had a grandfather alive. Bayo from the USA ( i.e. United States of Amukoko) lol sent us a text that says ”this text that has both bad news and good news, the good news is that it has no cholesterol, additives or fat, the bad news is that it has so much sugar, it might make you diabetic...” I really liked that.

• Lagos state government adopts a policy that bans reeling out the names of dignitaries at public functions so as to save time. This Fashola government is really a Nigerian state government with a difference, this is good o, its surprising in Nigeria, considering the attitude of self-importance that our politicians generally adopt
• 6th edition of the Annual Abuja International Film and Video Festival holds in September.
• John Hughes, the Home Alone scriptwriter is dead, he is survived by his wife, two sons and four grandchildren.
• A homeless anonymous holocaust survivor left one hundred thousand dollars to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem even though she had no known connection to them
• A Chinese lady who wanted her name in the Guiness Book of world records has turned up for her wedding wearing a 2162metre long gown and 9999 red roses. I wonder what car was able to take all that, maybe a

On WEEKEND PREVIEW, the Manchester United vs Chelsea match seemed to be on a lot of minds, including Tosyn's(Red Devil for life!!!). That means I'm wearing my Chelsea jersey on Sunday (Up Blues!!!). Our fingers are crossed, I wonder who'll win, I guess I can only wait.


Top five gainers
Nestle, Nigeria Breweries, Benue Cement Company, WAPCO, Guiness

Top five losers
AP, Conoil, Julius Berger, NBC, G cappa

The sun rose at 6:41 am and will set at 7:03pm. The windchill and cold conditions continue with condensation during the early hours. The maximum temperature will occur at about 3pm at 31 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature and overnight low is 22 degree celsius.

Do have a wonderful weekend, but remember, don't do what we wouldn't do and keep it safe, keep it legal, keep it simple

Till Monday



  1. what can i say, love the stuff bout the diabetic text, and as for chelsea and Man utd, all bout dogs barking and no bite for both teams! did i hear u say what! yea m being so fanatical now, the color to wear is that of the red and white army guess u know! gunners 4 life. and keep up d good work

  2. To Tosyn I wanna say keep up the great work. Simbo, ur summary is highly articulate. For a rib cracking experience, I like the Chinese woman (bride) with the Guiness book of world Y'all are doing well. Kudos.