Monday, 24 August 2009

Energetic Monday

There’s just one way to keep the energy level high on a Monday morning; by making it a date with Tosyn Bucknor on Top Radio 90.9. The reason is quite simple- it’s Energetic Monday with Area Mama, Double 09, Sweet 17 and of course, the VIP kids. The custom is to keep the energy level high from 6 am to 11 am when Tosyn signs out on the show.
Every Monday morning, new words are added to the Area Dictionary that is being compiled by Area Mama and her crew. The new words that were created this morning include words like: ‘aponky’, ‘xanbad’, ‘geabenscy’, ‘chocologo’ and ‘jolified’, all meaning ‘cool’. There were also words like: ‘overghasted’, ‘flabberwhelmed’, both meaning ‘excited’; ‘pambolaboiish’, meaning ‘great’; ‘lelicule’, meaning ‘ready for the week’; and ‘billionaira’, meaning ‘billionaire in naira’.
As for the traffic update, Marina, Ikotun, Ibafo, Ogba, Abule Egba, Oregun, Akogun, Lagos-Ibadan expressway and Ogijo were quite free this morning. On the other hand, there was a heavy traffic at places like: Ojota, Ketu, Sagam, Akowonjo, Dopemu, Agbado, Oshodi, Ikorodu, Alapere and Ishaga. In all these places, the weather was quite cold.
When we entered the Yarn-Free Zone this morning, we listened to songs by: The All American Rejects, Blink 182 and Aerosmith. They sang: it ends tonight, all the small things and crying, respectively. After the Yarn-Free Zone, it was time to travel down memory lane. Today, it was all about examination- the good, the bad and the ugly experiences of writing exams in primary and secondary school. People shared different experiences of how they used to have examination fever, and fainting a few days before the beginning of their papers and even going blank in the examination after reading and sometimes cramming all night long. Others talked about how they cheated or taught other people during examinations. Some even shared the stories of their successes and failures as students. It was interesting to learn different methods of ‘giraffing’ and ‘dubbing’ just make sure one goes home with a good result after an academic session.
After this, it was time for the Top 9 Moments with Aramide;
· The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission {EFCC} has declared wanted the recently sacked Chief Executive Officer of Oceanic International Bank Plc, Cecilia Ibru, and her Intercontinental Bank Plc counterpart, Erastus Akingbola.
· The Brazillian health ministry has created a website to let people inform partners they’ve got STD via an e-mail virtual postcard.
· With increasing vigor, Public Health and Think Tanks are calling for extra taxes on foods and drinks that are heavy in calories and light on nutrition. New York governor, David Paterson proposed an 18% soda tax last year as a budget-balancing measure, only to abandon it 3 months later in the face of stiff public opposition. Now, Lawmakers in at least 5 other states have gone on the record in support of the idea.
· Plaxico Burress’ lawyer says a Prison Consultant is preparing the former super bowl star for life behind bars after he pleaded guilty on Thursday to one count of attempted criminal possession of a weapon. He accidentally shot himself in the thigh at a Manhattan nightclub last year.
· Larry Ellison, the Chief Executive of Oracle Corp will take a base salary of $i in fiscal 2010. Oracle’s decision to pay him the nominal salary, down from the $1 million he was paid in fiscal 2009 and the 2 previous years, brings the CEO’s base pay into line with the Apple Inc. Chief Executive, Steve Jobs, who also gets just $1 in base salary.
· Police said a suspicious package at a store turned shipping store turned out to be a box of live Boa Constrictors.
· A South Carolina woman has won a $2 million jury verdict against a dental clinic that mistakenly pulled out all 13 of her upper teeth. The 28-year old Elizabeth Smith wanted 3 teeth pulled when she went to the dental clinic in 2006 but the dentist pulled out 16 of them.
· Manchester City striker, Emmanuel Adebayor, has told Sir Alex Ferguson that Manchester City will finish above Man-Utd this season.
At 10 am, it was time for the Top Question for the day. The question was: who should be the first to declare love to the other first- the male or the female? As expected, there were different answers and different reasons as well. Lots of people said the man should say ‘I love you’ first because men are to always take the lead. Some others suggested that the lady should say it first since she’s the emotional ones while a few others anyone who experiences love first should profess it, regardless of whether it is a he or a she. Interesting, isn’t it?
It was on this interesting note that Tosyn signed out on the show.
Much love,
Ruthina Atinuke.

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