Friday, 21 August 2009

Feel Good Friday

There’s just one day of the week when everyone is allowed to feel good, break as many rules as you ever can with your voice as you sing your own version of Area on the Area Show with the one and only Double 09. She working alongside Area Mama, Sweet 17 and the ‘tush’ Tosyn Bucknor and their only mission is to keep making you feel good as you step into the weekend. The tradition for the last day of the week is to sing a song during the Area Show, and make a loud shout-out to loved ones after the Area Show. What an interesting combo for the beginning of the weekend.
The traffic and weather update:
· Ikeja, Ikorodu, Ketu, Maryland, Opebi, Mangoro, Maryland, Yaba, Alakuko, Ogba, Berger, Lagos-Ibadan expressway and Akute were quite free this morning;
· There was a heavy traffic at places like: Abule Egba, Iyana-Ipaja, Agbado-Ijaiye, IJu, 3rd Mainland Bridge, and Fagba
· The weather was cold this morning at most places in Lagos State.
The Yarn-Free Zone today was all about Rooftop Mcs, doing ‘Rooftop’; Nicky Laoye, singing ‘Kaleidoscope’; and Taylor Swift, singing ‘You’re not sorry’.
Top 9 Moments:
· Will-I-Am would love to say ‘I told you so’ to all the people who have bashed the Black Eyed Peas in the past, but he won’t even though the group just made history on the billboard charts.
· A Florida woman was duped into changing diapers and providing care for a man she met through Craiglist who feigned disabilities. Turns out the man who hired Janet Schulte to look after an adult brother with diminished mental capacity was the same guy she bottle-fed and treated like a child for 3 months.
· Amidst waves and wildlife in the world’s oceans, billions of pounds of Styrofoam, water bottles, fishing wire and other plastic products floats in endless circles.
· According to research by a new online photo verification site, over 80% of online daters have suspected that profile images being used online are fakes and over a third have actually discovered that a person’s identity does nbot match that of their online persona.
· Octo-mom Nadya Suleman expresses more regret for trying to raise 14 kids on her own. She believes she has screwed up her life by trying to raise so many kids without a father figure.
· A day after winning her first 800meter world title amid a gender test world title amid a gender-test controversy, the father of South African teenager, Caster Semenya, dismissed speculation that his daughter is not a woman.
· A Tunisian health official says a woman who claimed she was pregnant with 12 babies underwent a medical examination that showed she is not pregnant.
· The head of the Caribbean Nation’s Sports Federation, Jose Barrietos said that women’s boxing is ‘inappropriate’ and Cuban women will therefore not be able to compete in the London 2012 Olympic Games
After the Top 9 Moments, there were lots and lots of shout outs and then came the weekend preview and a bit of news. First, there was something about the musical group called ‘Amplifyd’ breaking up; Lara George and Kel’s album release. Some musicians will be going on a hunger strike come August 25, to draw the attention of the govt and relevant agencies against piracy. This weekend, the 2009 Bankers’ games will continue. There’s also ‘Girl power’, a show that will bring several female artistes together as they perform live. Lover’ web show also holds on Sunday in Ikeja at 4:00 pm this Sunday. After all this infotainment, Tosyn signed out at 11 am.
much love,
Ruthina Atinuke.

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