Monday, 24 August 2009


The Top of the Morning show today, Monday, 24th August, 2009 was ... well ... “Energetic” (like duh-uh) :-). The AREA! show was the bomb, we had calls and texts from all over Lagos and Ogun state and our AREA! Dictionary had a lot of additions, my ears almost explode with all the new big big words I heard, I won’t bother spelling them because they are simply “unspellable. Going down MEMORY LANE, we were talking about examinations, the good, the bad and the ugly, you know now, you remember that time you were writing that exam and you got stuck and… a lot of callers and texters told us about their experiences, it was real fun, brought about this nostalgic feeling, those were the days jare. On WEEKEND REVIEW, ‘s like most of the members of the AREA! family really had fun this past weekend o, from parties to soccer victories to finishing one thousand naira suya to “Love web” on Sunday to “Girl power” on Saturday to “Sincerely men” to Yaw’s birthday which he celebrated at the Down’s syndrome home in Surulere to ... in fact the list is endless.

• EFCC has declared the former Oceanic Bank MD Cecilia Ibru, and former Intercontinental Bank MD, Erastus Akingbola wanted. I thought the papers said they were in Canada
• The Brazillian health ministry has created a website to let people inform partners they’ve got an STD over the internet by using an e-mail virtual postcard. Na wa o
• Plaxico Burress’ lawyer says a Prison Consultant is preparing the former super bowl star for life behind bars after he pled guilty on Thursday to one count of attempted criminal possession of a weapon
• Police said a suspicious package at a store turned out to be a box of live Boa Constrictors.
• A 28-year old woman from South Carolina won a $2 million jury verdict against a dental clinic that mistakenly pulled out all 13 of her upper teeth. But why now?
• Manchester City striker, Emmanuel Adebayor, has told Sir Alex Ferguson that Manchester City will finish above Man-Utd this season. If wishes were horses…

Top 5 gainers
OANDO, Nigerian Breweries, GTB, Diamond Bank, UACN
Top 5 losers
Total, AP, Benue Cement Company, Flourmill, GlaxoSmithkline

The sun rose at 6:40 am and is expected to set at 7:57pm. Expect early morning light drizzle, wind-chill and cold conditions continue, so do stay warm until midday when it gets warmer. The maximum temperature for today is 30 degree Celsius and minimum temperature and overnight low is 23 degree Celsius.

Our TOP QUESTION for today was, “Who should say I love you first in a relationship? The guy or the babe?” and as you would expect, the reactions to this question were... lemme just say, thank God it wasn’t a show with a live audience, we mighta had to scatter some Many babes seem to take the saying “once bitten twice shy” very seriously o, as some ladies said after saying it to a guy and he broke up with them, they have refused to say it again, a particular lady, Busayo said she said “I love you” first to her former boyfriend and the guy took her for granted, because of that, she has refused to say it to her present boyfriend and their relationship is two-years old! Another lady, Judy, from Lekki said she finds it difficult to say those words since her break-up last year. All-in-all sha, nobody won o, some said the guy, others said the woman, but the texts were just too many to finish reading. Thanks to everyone that listened, that called in, that sent a text, that took up the debate at home, in the bus, or at work; “we are because you are”, we do not take you for granted, you are highly appreciated, thanks and God bless.

That’s all for today. Have a wonderful week


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