Thursday, 6 August 2009


Thursday, 6th August, 2009

This Thursday woke up and decided to rebel, it wanted to be a Friday, and guess what? We almost fell for AREAAAAA! today was Mwaah! Dr. Lee, calling from third mainland bridge serenaded us with a very creative tune, this thursday is really trying to feel like a friday o, Area singing joint wants to relocate to thursday now, ehn?

ONLINE REALTIME, we had shout outs to different nouns (i.e people, places and things) :), to Bowen University, Muslim College, parents, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, exes, fiancés, fiancées and so on and so forth. Zainab says she loves Seun, and Awoyemi proved that sometimes, when the stakes are high enough, even men can multitask, he said he was facebooking, drinking coffee and checking out videos on YouTube, all at once. It was reported that at, Brad Pitt responded to some rumours flying in the air, dunno what he said, but u can find out on, one of our 'stablest' people, Edoyak said he was having trouble writing on our facebook wall, but he eventually sorted things out sha.

• President Umar MusaYaradua has given a directive that the death of the Boko Haram leader, Mohammed Yusuf in police custody last week should be investigated
• One of the journalists released in North Korea has said thank you to Bill Clinton for facilitating their pardon. We really can’t deny it, if not for the fact that he can’t keep his zipper up, he would have been like one of the best presidents America ever had, even till now, he still get mouth for North Korea, Bill Clinton na Big Boy!
• MJ: Michael Jackson film in the works, to be done by Columbia Pictures.
• A California judge postpones Chris Brown’s sentencing
• A research has shown that sedentary behaviour is associated with high blood pressure in children
• “9/10th of education is encouragement”

Top 5 gainers
Nestle, Conoil, Wapco, GlaxoSmithkline, Unilever
Top 5 losers
Total, UACN, OANDO, AP, Nigerian Breweries

Early morning wind-chill conditions will give way to some warmth from midday. It is a partly cloudy day with scattered thunderstorms in parts of Lagos. The sun rose at 6:41am and will set at 7:03pm. Maximum temperature is 31degree Celsius, minimum temperature and overnight low is 23 degree Celsius.

On PROVERBS LANE today, we had a lot of proverbs in Ibo. Peter gave us a proverb in Ibo, which translates to mean, they don't use what they use to clean ear to clean mouth, there was a Yoruba proverb that hit me, it says, “tí òré bá kú, ogún òré ò lè kani”, which means, according to our caller, whatever you want to do for a friend, do it on time, preferably sometime before that friend dies (that last part was my, ehm, additional interpretation)

On SING A STORY, Usman Bashir sang “Lagimo” for PHCN, he says they’ve been trying recently, my brother I think I shall sing along with you because, yes they have been trying, at least we had light two days Thank God o. Funny enough, someone from Akute said the exact opposite, so he said we should sing “Imagine that” for PHCN. We also reach out to Mayowa, who said she lost her boyfriend two weeks ago in a car crash, we ask for strength for you and his family, to be able to bear this loss and come out strong.

That is all for today. See you tomorrow


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