Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Today on the Top of the Morning show with Tosyn Bucknor on Top radio, 90.9fm was “sope tie” as it was time to appreciate the people in our lives in our own little way by making them celebrities and as usual, lots of mothers were celebrated, I love Africa! in general, Nigeria in particular, Oyo state specifically, the corner of my house precisely.... (just kidding) but I really love Africa because we value family a lot and that is one thing I wouldn’t trade for a million dollars... maybe for a billion sha, just kidding again o! lol, I wouldn’t trade my family for anything! Anyway most of our celebrities today were family members, brothers, fathers, mothers ... we felt lots of love in the studio today along with a hint of something else, something... I don’t know how to put this, but it might have been responsible for Tosyn’s “high” state today, don’t say I told you o.

• Chris Brown has been sentenced to 5 years probation and 180 days community work for hitting Rihanna.
• Bangladesh police men are trying to improve their confidence and appearance. They have approached the owner of a beauty parlour to give some 140 new recruits tips on looking good.
• Researchers have found out that most people search for new information to confirm what they believe, and usually just ignore contrary information.
• Facultyfocus, a website for higher education professionals, which carried out a survey on Twitter usage has discovered that more than half of the people researched don’t use Twitter at all while about one-third use twit
• South African star, Semanya has returned home to a heroes welcome along with her teammates as her “countrypeople” slammed IAAF for even thinking about carrying out a gender test on her.
• The19-year-old mother of the 2-year-old girl who was suffocated to death by an 8-foot long pet python in Florida on the 1st of July has been charged along with her boyfriend with manslaughter, child abuse and 3rd-degree murder.
• An opposition leader in Gabon has declared that all men should go on a sex strike if a man should win this weekend’s presidential poll (hunh?), he said the country needs a woman and that all men should sleep with their clothes on. Is this a joke or sum’n? In Africa?! A man actually opened his mouth to say that a woman would be a better leader?!! Wow, these are really the endtimes?lol
• Two turkeys in Peru who were surgically implanted with 4.8kg of cocaine are recovering after they were discovered by the police after a tip-off
• Arsene Wenger has said that Fabregas who was injured recently will be available for the match against Manchester United this weekend
• “the man who makes no mistakes makes nothing at all”

Top 5 gainers
OANDO, CONOIL, Benue Cement Company, WAPCO, Flourmill
Top 5 losers
7up, Guiness, Eterna Oil, DN Meyer, Portland paints

The sun rose at 6:40 am and is expected to set at 6:56pm. Expect early morning light drizzle, wind-chill and cold conditions continue, so do stay warm until about midday when it gets warmer. The maximum temperature for today is 29 degree Celsius and minimum temperature and overnight low is 22 degree Celsius.

Quite unfortunately, our celebrity pulled a no-show on us, but as that lepa-to-bad, sweet seventeen would say, “nothing do us”. We had CELEBRITY SPECIAL with WHITNEY HOUSTON (her name has to be written in capital letters you know, she’s a gbogbo bigz girls o)
Whitney started singing very early in her church choir, her mother and aunt were soul singers, her mother was Diane Houston and, wait for it... her godmother is Aretha Franklin! The Queen of Soul herself! She got married to Bobbi Brown, which was a big surprise because Whitney used to be seen as a “good” girl while Bobbi was the “bad” one. During the Bobbi Brown reality show, she was portrayed as a (hmmh) sorta crazy person, and her life almost literally went downhill from there, she started cancelling shows and acting somewhat dodgy, there were rumours of drug use, but Whitney said in an interview that “crack is cheap, we don’t do crack, crack is wack”. She is reported to have dated Ray jay, Brandy’s younger brother, did someone say “cradle-sna...” I didn’t say anything o, how old is that boy again sef. Whitney is reported to have helped a lot of other artistes up, Mary J Blige, Beyonce, Leona Lewis, Robin Thicke among others credit Whitney as an influence in their careers. She was a fashion model and was the first person of colour (I think that’s the “politically correct” term now no longer black or coloured, abeg na dem sabi) to grace the covers of Seventeen! Magazine, she is a pretty good actress and has acted in a lot of movies, she was in “The Bodyguard” with Kevin Costner, “Preachers wife” with Denzel Washington, and “Waiting to Exhale”, there was no hot guy in that one sha, :). Whitney has a new album out, her first since 2002, titled “I look to you” which featueres, Alicia Keys, Akon and some other people. She is scheduled to appear on Oprah next month, that’s a must-watch show.

That’s all for today. Enjoy the rest of the day and the week. Till tomorrow


Tuesday, 25th August, 2009


The Top of the Morning show today, Tuesday, 25th August, 2009 was highly “fantabulous” ! On the AREA! show, callers had to get their swagger on since today was Bragging Rights Tuesday, where every caller and texter had to mention one thing they really like about their Areas, one thing they were proud of in contrast to our former Town hall Tuesdays where we used to talk about the things we don’t like, it’s all about keeping a positive mentality sha. We had a very excited caller from shogun estate, ogba who said he likes his area because it’s very entertaining and there are different types of people there, someone from Talbot road, Ijebu-ode said his area is the best because they all look good everyday, another caller from Ipaja says his area encourages commerce because there are many shops there, Dr. Lee called, this time not from third mainland bridge but from his Area! sawmill-bariga` and said he likes his area because it’s cool and there are no fighting in the streets.

On VERSUS SPECIAL, it was an animal something as we had Cats vs. Dogs. I must confess that the moment I heard the topic, I just knew... how can you pitch dogs against cats?! In Nigeria?! After all our possessed cat movies and witches turning into cats movies?! It’s dogs that will win now! We’re a much too spiritual Anyway, the dogs won, as I expected and it was a landslide victory! I mean, it was like comparing kokolettes bolanle and shona’s votes (lol) it was that bad. The people who voted for cats gave reasons like, they don’t tear up your most expensive pair of jeans as a form of play, they kill rats, they are clean and those that didn’t like them said they are scary (that was a pretty general reason, I think it’s because of the eyes though), they were insensitive in contrast to dogs, I think cats can be very self-absorbed creatures;has anyone watched Garfield?! lol, okay maybe I’m judging all cats based on one movie but... anyway, we have a cat in my house, there was one evening I was alone with the cat in the house and they took light, I couldn’t bear to touch it so I couldn’t carry it outside and I was also too scared to stay in the house alone with the cat, who knows if he will just turn into a bloodsucking monster or sum’n. lol. I had to leave the house for yanni (thats the cats name) o,lol, at least until someone else came

• The 11th annual victory over diabetes event will hold on the 29th of August, in the United States
• Two women in Kansas have made themselves friends for life after one donated her kidney to the other. The two women have being neighbours for 30 years but only got closer over the past 3 years. Food for thought; would you have done that?
• Married couples in France who want to divorce their partners on the grounds of infidelity can now present passionate text messages as proof. Ok the eleventh commandment comes into play here, just kidding o, please lets try and be faithful to our spouses
• A former reality show contestant, Ryan Jenkins, who is suspected of murdering his ex-wife has been found dead in what looked like a suicide in a motel in Canada, after evading a massive manhunt for days, a woman who was with him is wanted by the police
• A critically ill teenager who was denied a liver transplant because his sickness was drink-related has been flown to a specialist hospital
• Readers Digest has filed for bankruptcy! This economic recession should hurry up and do now ...
• Ian Robin has forced Real Madrid president, Perez to reassess his player-sales plans
• Someone in New York now sells bad advice for a dollar. Desperate times, desperate measures
• “Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary”

Today in the how-to-class, we were indoctrinated on “how to be a music superstar with zero fans”
• Be selfish; your work must not benefit the people that will listen to it in any way
• Fight your fans at a concert if they don’t catch you when you throw yourself in the crowd
• Sing without instruments and curse and insult everybody while singing
• Sing only in your mind
• Compose songs that humiliate members of the public
• Develop a snobbish attitude
• Never return smiles and never give out your autograph
And lots more...

That’s all for today. Till tomorrow


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