Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Bragging Rights Tuesday- that’s the particular day on the Area Show when everyone gets to blow the trumpet about their areas. They blow the trumpet about their areas and make it seem like the best place to live. It is also the day for the Versus Special. This is another segment on the show when songs are played and a song says the same thing as the next one such that one is left to choose the songs that best explain how one feels at the moment. The show then rounds off with the How To Show, which comes after the Yarn-Free Zone and Top 9 Moments.
Traffic updates came from Sango, Lambe, Sagamu, Oke-Odo, MAgboro, ALakuko, Agbado, Abule Egba, Berger, Ikorodu, Ajah, and Badagry; the traffic in these places was quite heavy. On the other hand, Egbeda, Idimu, Agege, Ogijo, Ilupeju and Third Mainland Bridge were quite free. It rained pretty much in some places this morning. When it was time to brag, people said nice things about their areas; things like: the security level of their area, the calmness, the availability of power supply, the accessibility to water supply, the calmness of the area and the presence of ‘bukas’ in strategic places in some areas.
In the Yarn-Free Zone today, we listened to Craig David as he sang ‘Rise and Fall’, Sting as he sang ‘Shape of my heart’, and Michael Jackson singing ‘One more chance’. For the ‘versus’ on the Versus Special for today was between the cats and the dogs. The idea was to choose the one that is better preferred between the cat and the dog. At a point on the show, it seemed as though there was no need for the question coz very few people professed any likeness for cat because most of the votes were cast in favour of the dogs. Oops!
Top 9 Moments with Aramide:
• The 11th annual Victory Over Diabetes event, hosted by the American Diabetes Association {ADA}, kicks off in Atlanta in August 29, featuring singer/songwriter- Angie Stone and Lily USA. This free day-long event also supported by ETNA, educates and empowers African-Americans living with Diabetes to better manage the disease by providing educational tools and culturally relevant resources.
• Few things can be more neighbourly than offering your kidney to a friend. 2 Kansas City women have lived next door to each other for 30 years but Claudine Jackson and Jo Ann Walz really got to know each other after Walz donated her kidney to Jackson. The 2 had always been friendly but have grown much closer over the past 3 years as Walz helped with rides for dialysis treatments, appointments and the grocery store.
• Unfaithful spouses in France are to be warned that passionate text messages sent to mistresses and lovers can now be used as evidence against them in a divorce. Experts say the recent ruling by Frances’ Supreme Court to accept phone exchanges as legitimate proof of adultery will make it easier for the French to get divorced.
• Ryan Jenkins has ended his life in a suicide in a remote Canadian Motel room and the Police had sought the ex-Reality Show contestant in the killing of his ex-wife. He was accused of killing his ex-wife, a model whose body was badly mutilated when found in a trash bin outside Los Angeles.
• A critically ill teenager denied a Liver transplant because his condition is drink-related and is to be flown to a Specialist Hospital Unit. Gareth Anderson, 19, suffered liver failure after a weekend of drinking and there are fears he could die soon.
• Readers’ Digest Association Inc., publisher of the Iconic General Interest Magazine that began gracing American homes in 1922, yesterday filed for chapter 11 on bankruptcy protection as it faces falling print circulation in the internet age and looming debt payments.
• Arjen Robben has forced Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez to reassess his player sales plan.
• Chris Chaplauske carries on a time-honoured tradition of trying to make money on the streets of New York in an unusual way- selling bad advice. The 32-year old advertises his ‘service’ with a sign that reads: ‘bad advice $1’.
• The Scottish Justice Secretary today defended the release of the Lockerbie bomber. Kenny MacAskill told an emergency session of the Scottish Parliament that it had been his ‘own decision’ to free Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi, adding that he stood by ‘the law and values of Scotland’.
After the Top 9 Moments, it was music, music and more music until 10 am when it was time for the How-To-Show. Today’s topic was: ‘How to be a music superstar with zero fans’. Brilliant topic, right? The rules are as follows:
1. Be very selfish. Sing for yourself and not for the benefit of the people who would listen;
2. During a concert, throw yourself into the crowd and when they part like the Red Sea and you fall hard on the ground, stand up and fight all of them for not catching you. Being a Rock Star is a no-nonsense business o!!
3. Even if one person by mistake likes your music and tries to tell you, accuse them of mocking you and being an enemy of progress. Don’t you know that some of these so-called fans are spies in disguise?
4. Release a song in which you attack the fans and tell them how foolish they are for not buying your albums, but they would instead buy all the nonsense in the industry.
5. When one fan feels sorry for you and decides to ask for your autograph just to make you happy, chase him with cutlass, asking him whether you look like you’re desperate for fans.
6. Make-up a back story for yourself that the few fans you have would eventually find out is all a lie.
7. Release lyrics that can turn anyone who listens into suicidal stalkers; that way, there would be no-one left to become a fan.
8. It is a taboo to have a unique style: Copy everything and everyone that is popular. Since photocopy is only 2 naira, just copy everyone and everything on music
9. Finally make it your life’s work to go around the world preaching to students like you How to be a Music Superstar with no fans.
Now, those were the tips given by Double but of course, lots of text messages came in and there were lots of suggestions regarding the topic. Anyone who chooses to practice any of these will definitely get the corresponding result. Remember, it is your choice.
Much love,
Ruthina Atinuke.

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