Monday, 17 August 2009

Energetic Monday on the day after Sweet 16's birthday!

Yeah, it’s another Energetic Monday with Tosyn Bucknor, AKA Area Mama or Sweet 17 coz that’s what happens when Sweet 16 celebrates another full year on earth.

On Energetic Monday today as usual, there is an opportunity to put one’s ingenuity to use by creating new words that will be included in the soon-to-be-out Area Dictionary. It is also the only day on the Area Show when we have weekend review. People get to share the details of how they spent their weekends. Moreover, it is a 2-from-1 Monday, meaning that we get to listen to 2 songs from 1 artist per time throughout on the show.

But before all these, there were traffic updates and weather reports from various people. Festac, Ikorodu, Ogijo, Oko-Oba, Remo in Ogun State, Ajangbadi, Volks, Maza MAza, Ketu, Mile 12, Ojodu, Palmgrove, Sango, Ojo and Lagos-Ibadan expressway were quite free this morning. On the other hand, the traffic at Berger, Lagos Island, Iyana-Ipaja, Cement, Pen-Cinema and Ogba was quite heavy this morning. The weather in most of these places was breezy and a bit chilly.
The new words for today were very interesting. Some of them were even ‘unspellable’ while some other ones could not even be pronounced by Area Mama herself. They include such words as: ‘metabulocious’, ‘tse-tse, ‘laracious’, onomatopoeialistic’, ‘gidigbim’, ‘otapiapianomatopoeia’ etcetra. These words- even though we can’t really decipher their meanings- all refer to how people felt this morning.

For the Yarn-Free Zone this morning, we listened to songs from: Rooftop Mcs, Etcetra and Eben.

Going down Memory Lane today, we had to share our first experience of ‘true love’. You remember those times in primary school or secondary school when the butterflies begin to fly in every corner of your belly and you begin to see stars in the eyes of the one who has stolen your heart. Yeah, those were the memories we dug up this morning. People shared the bitter-sweet memories of falling in and out of love. Some were touching [like the case of the lil boy who pretended to be sick because his love was sick and had to be taken to the sick bay, and put on a bed beside his love]. Some other ones were funny and hilarious.

At 9:17, it was time for Top 9 Moments with Aramide. The first bit of news she came up with was about the 5 MDs that were sacked by the CBN governor last week. The governor said he sacked them because of their wrong attitude and low level of productivity in the sector. The affected banks are: Oceanic bank, Afribank, Fin bank, Union bank and Intercontinental bank. There was also something in the news about Michael Jackson’s estate having generated up to 60 million pounds in the last 50 days after his death. The match between Arsenal and Everton was said to have ended at 6-1 in favour of Arsenal. Whoa!

After the Top 9 Moments, it was simply a Monday morning show on an energetic style with Sweet 17 doing her thing until 11 am when she signed out.
Of course, the TOP QUESTION for today, "Would you ever... Should you ever... Attend an ex's wedding", got a lot of responses with most people divided. Tosyn summed it up based on feedback-
Dont go if you are still hung up
If you do, don't be an attention-grabber!


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