Monday, 10 August 2009

Energetic Monday

It is Energetic Monday again, with Tosyn Bucknor doing her thing on Top Morning. It is that first day of the week on the Area Show where people get the rare opportunity to invent new words that will be included in the soon-to-be-produced Area Dictionary for Area people. But before that, people have to send in their traffic updates and weather reports. This is the only way they let everyone what is going on in their ‘Area’. So once again, it’s Tosyn doing her thing on the show as Area Mama, Double 09 and the fanatastic mother of the VIP kids.

The traffic at Ajangbadi, Ojo, MazaMaza, Ikotun, Ajah, Lekki, Akowonjo, Dopemu, Agege, Iyana-Oba, Owode and Ota was too bad for a Monday morning- an energetic one at that. However, places like: Palmgrove, Shomolu, Ikorodu and Sholuyi were quite free. The weather in these place was breezy and very chilly with had many people anticipating rainfall. Some of the new words we got for the Area Dictionary today include words such as: ‘super-duper high’, meaning excited; ‘electroboomboom’, meaning on top; ‘kinticious’, meaning great; ‘mememe’, meaning great; ‘kuchikuchihutahe’, meaning good; ‘kwando’, also meaning good; ‘tentaciously gbingbilicious’, meaning on top of the world; ‘chocochochochocolate’, meaning sweet; ‘scintillateous’, meaning interesting; ‘gbishgbish’, meaning very well; and ‘atarish’, meaning spicy or peppery. Can you beat that?
In the Yarn-Free Zone today, we listened to a 3 from 1 special by Carlos Santana. We listened to: Seal, Everlast, and Smooth. The magic is all in the way he strums the guitar. On Memory Lane today, we travelled in a bus called ‘Crime and Punishment’. The idea was to dig up those ugly memories about the times when got punished either in school or at home by our superiors because of the crimes we committed, or did not even commit. People called and sent in text messages to share the gory details of some of the things they did to get into trouble at one point or the other. Some confessed that they had to draw a car on a board, and push the car as a form of punishment. Some others had to fill up a bucket with water using spoons to fetch water; some even had to stool down. Someone had to crawl on gravel under the sun while another person had to pick pins from the sand for 5 hours in the sun.
For the Top 9 Moments with Aramide, there was something about Michael Jackson not being the real father of his children. We heard that their godfather is the actual father and he is even set for a DNA test to prove this. Next, there was some news about a man whose premature child came back to life shortly before the child was buried. It was also reported that Chelsea beat Man-Utd 4-1 during yesterday’s match. A boat accident at Ikorodu was reported to have claimed 26 lives yesterday. The energy was high until 11:00 am when Tosyn signed out on the show.
Much love,
Ruthina Atinuke.

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