Friday, 21 August 2009


Friday, 21st August, 2009

Today was feel-good friday on the Top of the Morning Show on Top radio 90.9fm, we had our area singing joint on AREA! and as usual, callers were extremely creative, from Rihanna's "Umbrella" remix to Ayefele's "Eni ba roku romi", thumbs up y'all, but the best call today was from the Arogundade family; Titilope, Tolulope ...lope and ...lope, (i didn't get the last two names all i heard was something-lope and something-lope), they sang beautifully and of course we were hearing their auntie's voice in the background but we felt the love and thats what matters, innit? Thanks to the Arogundade family again. Maryam Abolarinwa from ikorodu who calls practically everyday won herself some Tuface CD's and magazine, just for being constant, you see, faithfulness pays.

On the SHOUT OUT scene, Nigerians were really happy today o, a caller won himself some CD's and magazine just because of his enthusiasm and energy, keep it up bro, thats the way life is meant to be lived, another shout-out that really caught my attention was a guy that was making a shout-out to his friend that they should "squash the beef and eat up the meat!", i wonder what caused the beef, I hope it is not woman o (lol;just kidding). Tosyn played a lot of feeeeel-good songs today, I really loved the music, rooftop mc's, kel, Nikky laoye, MI, Ashionye,MO'Cheddah and lots more.

On WEEKEND REVIEW, we had quite a lot of things going on this weekend, weddings, different parties and many more, Girl Power Unleashed is this weekend, yippee, 22nd, so if be there if you're interested, theres also going to be another show in ikeja on sunday, "Lovers web". We had some news of a hunger strike planned by musicians for the 25th, the goal is to draw attention to piracy and some other things, I wonder if ALL musicians will do it, I'm sure some people will just chop, clean mouth and do face as if they're We also got news that the Amplifyd crew is splitting up! aw, thats sad, I hope they all have wonderful solo careers.

- Researchers have discovered that plastic pollution is caused by invisible materials, despite the popular belief that plastic is indestructible
- It has been discovered that over 80% of online daters' profile give wrong information, so online
- Octuplet mom says it was a mistake trying to raise 14 kids on her own without a father figure
- The athlete who is undergoing a gender test has been defended by her father who said he raised her and has no doubt that she is a woman
- A Tunisian health official says the woman who claimed to be pregnant with 12 children is not pregnant at all. Whaaaat!
- A finding has shown that if you're lost in the woods and feel like you're walking in circles, it might be because you actually are. I'm sure they have a scientific report for it, but since this is not a scientific journal, we won't bother with that
- Cuban women will not be in the 2010 competition in London because woman boxing is considered inappropriate

That's all for today

Have a wonderful weekend but remember keep it safe, keep it legal, keep it simple!Stay blessed


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